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WHAT IS ACAI (ahh-sah-ee)?

It is so trendy right now, here in the UK & around the world - that if you haven't yet tried it, I am sure you will get the opportunity to try a delicious Acaibowl at a local Cafe/health bar.

But the question is - what is this Acai people are talking about?

The Acai berry is super fruit that comes directly from the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, The purple skin of the berry is what possesses the tremendous health properties and has been used as a staple food by the Amazon natives for centuries.

This berry is 90% seed - yes, you heard it right. 90% seed - Only 10% of the fruit is edible (skin), which is grounded with water into a thick purple puree and served as a staple food to the inhabitants of the Amazon River. Yes, you!

The Acai has a very acquired taste - Very earthy, strong and some would say that taste like chocolate .... I mean... the only way to know is to try it and find out !

We will be sharing more on here so keep checking for more news :)


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