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In 2016 Acai & Co was founded with a mission to provide the best quality standard of frozen açaí pulp to the foodservice industry. Thanks to careful processing and reliable sourcing, our açaí pulp has a superior taste profile, smaller particle size, and the highest ORAC antioxidant values. We offer a Premium Grade açaí, a special designation by the Brazilian Department of Agriculture that certifies our açaí has the highest percentage of açaí solids on the market. Our customers regularly tell us we provide the best açaí pulp they have ever tried.
Today we offer our product options perfect for juice bars, restaurants, and cafes throughout the UK and Ireland. Our Grade A açaí is guaranteed to improve the taste, color, and nutrition of your açaí bowls and smoothies.


Products Available



4 x 100g Acai Packs |

Thick, nutritious, pure. An unsweetened puree for an authentic Brazilian açaí experience. Great for adding whole food nutrition to your bowl or smoothie without the added sugar.
Soil Association certified organic, Non-GMO
Ingredients: Organic açai pulp, citric acid

4 x 100g Pitaya Packs |

Colourful, Tasty & Pure
The nutritious sweet flesh is crisp and refreshing and can also be used in fruit salads, smoothies, bowls, marmalades, jellies, ices and soft drinks.
Ingredients: Pitaya Pulp

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